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Personal injury Law Firm Services

Personal Injury Law firms have undergone significant changes in size and structure over the past few decades. In the age of digitization and social media, law firms have evolved and adapted to take on competition and meet their clients’ expectations. While there haven’t been many disruptions in Judiciary system in comparison to other industries, but technology has paced up the case life cycle.

Today, as a Legal industry stands at the threshold of Artificial Intelligence (AI) knocking at our doors, while it’s applicability to the practice of Law is yet to be determined but it can’t be ignored. Personal injury cases often involve complex scenarios and multiple parties. Successfully handling of complicated personal injury cases require thorough research, deep understanding of related laws, strong analytical and reasoning skills, logical thinking, and effective communication. By applying these skills, lawyers can build conclusive cases that stand up to the scrutiny and increase the chances of a favorable outcome for their clients. However, this leads to attorneys spending their valuable time on these non-core activities, leading to Personal Injury Law firms dealing with loss of valuable time of attorneys, aggravated costs and inconsistent client experience.

At LMT Glocal Services, we offer all-encompassing personal injury outsourcing services to personal injury law firms and personal injury attorneys which combines legal expertise, medical assistance, and secure information technology solutions to enhance operational efficiency, real savings, consistent deliveries and enhanced client experience. We help build capabilities and propel law firms to attain growth.

Categories of Personal Injury Cases We Handle:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Slip and Fall


Medical Malpractice


Wrongful Death


Class Action


Physical & Sexual Assault

Our Offerings for Personal Injury Law Firms




  • Arbitration Demand & Filing
  • Arbitration Brief
  • Adversary Correspondence
  • HIPAA- Hitech Compliant Request
  • Medical Chronology & Summaries


  • Google Calendaring of Case Events
  • Filing of Case Management Statements on Hearing
  • E-Filing of Complaints
  • Practice Management Software: Casemap, Clio, Timematters, Filevine and PC Law


  • AR/AP entry in Accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation

At LMT Glocal Services we understand that every personal injury law firm is unique and requires solutions which are pertinent to each business. We, deep dive to understand the challenges faced by your personal injury law firm and attorneys to accordingly deliver solutions that can meet your unique objectives and goals.


A1. Here’s how:

  • Access to domain experts both medical as well as legal who work at as an extended team
  • Cost optimised work flows
  • Secured technology platforms protecting client-attorney privilege
  • The India advantage – round the clock support

A2. Here’s are the benefits once we are on board:

  • Core processes streamlined
  • Scaled up business activity
  • Improved operational productivity
  • Gained real savings
  • Secured and Advanced by technology
  • Diversified practice

A3: We request you to fill in the form on our inquire page and we will connect with you at the earliest. Next step would be your dedicated Service Manager will understand your requirement in detail. Followed by drawing up a proposal, once the proposal is mutually agreed and approved we will be excited to welcome you on board and will work towards delighting your experience as we progress.

A4. While you have round the clock access to the senior most personnel at LMT Glocal Services, once on board you will be assigned a dedicated Servicing Manager who would ensure every unique need of this partnership is catered to within a mutually agreed turnaround time.

A5. At present we service Law firms in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

A6. Please email us at [email protected] and we would be delighted to address all your queries comprehensively.

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