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Medical legal outsourcing

Medical Legal case / Medico Legal case refers to a case of injury or illness that leads to intervention of law enforcement agencies to ascertain and fix the criminal responsibility for the case according to the prevailing law of the country. In cases like these a Personal Injury Law firm or a Mass Tort Law firm is involved representing the petitioner. Meticulous documentation of every detail of the case is vital and especially medical documentation plays a very crucial role.

As you are aware the environment of a Law firm is dynamic and time sensitive. Law firms primarily rely on medical documentation and hence need an extensive medical record retrieval process for their cases. This retrieval process involves devoted efforts, dedicated attention to detail, continuous follow-ups and most importantly consumes time and resources.

Today, Law firms are competitive, go all-out to provide best in class experience to their clients and make focused efforts to scale and grow their businesses. These are some of the many reasons why Law firms opt for Legal Support Services like Medical Legal Outsourcing Services / Medico Legal Outsourcing Services.

Outsourcing such tasks to a Medical Legal Outsourcing expert like LMT Glocal Services is the most natural choice for a Law firm in achieving operational excellence in a cost-effective way, allowing optimal utilization of time for attorneys, delivering quality with accuracy and garnering real savings thereby transforming their businesses into a more sustainable entity.

Our Medical Legal Capabilities

Case screening

Medical records review

Medical research

Medical Chronology and Summary preparation

Legal research

Identifying strengths and weaknesses of the case

Developing a case strategy

Medical Legal comprehensive drafting

At LMT Glocal Services, we have state of the art infrastructure with an experienced team of experts in the medical legal domain, who are rooted in delivering with a service-oriented approach, work as an extension of your team and are proficient in maintaining discretion, delivering quality with accuracy and at an improved turnaround on time.


A1: We request you to fill in the form on our inquire page and we will connect with you at the earliest. Next step would be your dedicated Service Manager will understand your requirement in detail. Followed by drawing up a proposal, once the proposal is mutually agreed and approved we will be excited to welcome you on board and will work towards delighting your experience as we progress.

A2: Your Law firm gets our time-tested build to scale model which involves a dedicated team of Medical Legal domain experts who are deployed as an extension of your team, will work alongside your teams with a service-oriented approach, deliver with accuracy and better quality and would allow you leverage on the time zone advantage. With all of this combined, your Law firm would get a competitive edge and is propelled on to a sustainable growth trajectory.

A3. While you have round the clock access to the senior most personnel at LMT Glocal Services, once on board you will be assigned a dedicated Servicing Manager who would ensure every unique need of this partnership is catered to within a mutually agreed turnaround time.

A4. At present we service Law firms in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

A5. Please email us at [email protected] and we would be delighted to address all your queries comprehensively.

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