Demand Letter Drafting Services

Demand Letter Drafting Services

When the written is mightier than the spoken

Demand Letter Drafting Services

A demand letter is a formal notice that outlines the facts of the claim, the evidence that supports it, and the damages sought thereof. It is often the precursor to filing a lawsuit. When presented in a well-organized and persuasive manner; whilst, effectively communicating the clients’ position, it sets the context for a potential settlement without the need for prolonged litigation.

With the strain of meeting deadlines, court schedules, trials, and client meetings, it can become cumbersome for attorneys/ law firms to draft these comprehensive demand letters. By leveraging the skills of domain experts from LMT Glocal Services i.e., an extended inhouse team of legal and medical subject matter specialists who can effectively emphasize the intricacies of the case, ensure that all relevant information is included and present the arguments in a clear and persuasive manner. This increases the chances of an out-of-court settlement, and ultimately helps clients avoid unnecessary legal expenses and court visits.

With the Demand Letters drafted by our experts you score a win-win situation. This is how:

Save on time and can improve focus on core operations

Garner real savings with optimized costs

Enjoy an extended team of domain experts

Consistently produce professional, standardized and accurate demand letters

Access to cutting edge technology that can standardize and automate your legal tasks

Time zone advantage

Enhanced Client Experience

LMT Glocal Services brings value to your legal business through products, services, and solutions with a wide range of outsourcing benefits such as increased flexibility, optimized cost models, integrated technology solutions, process ownership, and more.


A1: The more insight, data, and documents our clients can provide, the more detailed the demand letter. All of our resources prioritize building a secure partnership with our clients to ensure they get the results they expect.

A2: We have a host of samples for various types of Demand Letters. All you need to do is to fill in the form on our inquire page or email [email protected] mentioning the type of demand letter you need. We will respond immediately.

A3. Our comprehensive demand letter consists of:

  • Clear description of the event with pertinent images
  • State-specific case laws and statutes
  • Liability clause
  • Detailed summarization of injuries suffered and medical treatments received
  • Diagnosis of injuries with reference to ICD-10 Codes
  • Medical illustration
  • Economic & Non-economic losses
  • Total damages summary table
  • Settlement amount, considering the policy limits of the client
  • Closing paragraph

A settlement sheet including:

  • Chronologically arranged medical bills from hospitals, purpose of visit, CPT codes and amount
  • Details of expenses suffered due to visits made to medical facilities
  • Mileage/travel and time calculation
  • List of providers, insurance details, and final settlement amount

A Hot Sheet comprising of:

  • Past medical history
  • Past surgical history
  • Any missing records added in notes


Relevant exhibits that are chronologically arranged and synchronized with the flow of the demand letter.

Our team of Legal and Medical experts ensure each demand letter is up to the clients’ standards. This collaborative team certifies nothing is missed with medical summaries, thoughtful summarization, and damages and loss estimates.

A5: We request you to fill in the form on our inquire page and we will connect with you at the earliest. Next step would be your dedicated Service Manager will understand your requirement in detail. Followed by drawing up a proposal, once the proposal is mutually agreed and approved we will be excited to welcome you on board and will work towards delighting your experience as we progress.

A6: Your Law firm gets our time-tested build to scale model which involves a dedicated team of Medical Legal domain experts who are deployed as an extension of your team, will work alongside your teams with a service-oriented approach, deliver with accuracy and better quality and would allow you leverage on the time zone advantage. With all of this combined, your Law firm would get a competitive edge and is propelled on to a sustainable growth trajectory.

A7: While you have round the clock access to the senior most personnel at LMT Glocal Services, once on board you will be assigned a dedicated Servicing Manager who would ensure every unique need of this partnership is catered to within a mutually agreed turnaround time.

A8: At present we service Law firms in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

A9: Please email us at [email protected] and we would be delighted to address all your queries comprehensively.

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